current projects...

artsy fartsy stuff:

My friend Julie inspired me to work on some more industrial - "steam punk" pieces...see my new "Sprocket" bracelet on Etsy.

creative services:

Excited to begin working regularly with a company I have been consulting for for 8 years. Looking forward to bringing new energy control techonology and products to market. Love working for a "green energy" company.

so here are some things about me you may know already, and some you may not.....

erin in orvieto, italyabout erin (hoffman) lima

always fascinated by all forms of creative expression, i knew very early in life that i needed to do something that allowed me to be creative — to do something that made my right brain happy, and kept my left brain from getting bored.

i went to a local community college where studied technical illustration, drafting, architectural rendering, and such, while i worked as a screenprinter, cake decorator, graphic designer, and portrait artist (mixed media). made enough to pay the bills and realize that i really enjoy graphic design. i think is has a lot to do with the fact that it is creative and technical at the same time. i like a challenge and love to find new ways to communicate effective messaging using this ever-changing medium — it seems there are always new programs, new plug-ins, and new programming functionality that keeps projects interesting.

received an associate's degree in graphic design, then went back for a bachelor's in business (marketing) — this may seem an odd combination (a design degree and a business degree), but actually they go so well together since every business manager out there needs good marketing/messaging vehicles to drive business's a good thing.

spent a several years as marcom manager for a few high-tech firms, then moved on to become the creative director for a business strategy firm here in the san diego area. learned a LOT. but i think the most important thing i learned was to be true to what i love, and have loved since that early age...that i need to be doing something creative, or i just get bored.

these days i am focusing my time and energy on the things that keep my mind happy and occupied, while at work and at play:

  • working with small companies to build integrated marketing programs including:
    • logo development
    • website development
    • creating product literature and technical documentation
    • event planning
  • making glass beads and finding new ways to integrate them into wearable pieces of art
  • working with the organic forms found in hardshell gourds, and creating beautiful, functional pieces that can be used in and around the house, or just sit there and look pretty.